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Ideas I'm *not* writing

A prompt post. I've had ideas on my mind that are rather distracting. =p

Burn Notice / Stargate SG-1

* I want Michael Westin / Daniel Jackson fic. Now people! Gimme gimme! Anything really, but I'd actually like something that, while the relationship started with Michael thinking of Victor, he moves on and no longer sees Victor every time he looks at Daniel.

Star Trek XI

* Scotty matchmaker. Damn it, I need this! I've had a request on the kink memes since June of last year. *pout* C'mon, you know you want to! It would be so awesome: sneaky!Scotty! And he would totally hint about Spock Prime and Kirk acting pretty chummy. =3

* Something like this with Scotty and Spock Prime staying in contact. Spock wants to keep updated but it's less temptation to talk with Scotty. Scotty continues to try weaseling out more future tech things. Bonus if something Scotty does or says makes Keenser roll his eyes.

* THIS. Spock vs. Gaila for Kirk's affections? Too awesome not to be written!

* Something like this where Kirk Prime somehow manages to "take control" of nu!Kirk's body. Two-souls-one-body sort of thing, and whatever resolution.

* I originally posted here. I'm really, really, really craving this idea. Would do a lot to see this as a longish story. =3 I want a de-aged Kirk, for whatever reason, and Spock!Prime is available and agreeable to take care of the kid. Kirk is pretty happy with the guy and calls Prime "grandpa." XD (Can you imagine? SO CUTE!) +Bonus: Work in some cute crew moments ++Bonus: Somehow you work in some Kirk/Spock (nu!Spock, mind you) when Kirk is back to his appropriate age. +++Bonus: Prime and Kirk continue to have a pretty familial connection when things are back to "normal."


* I've been rewatching some eps this week with a friend and I made the following note in my huge plot bunny file: What if in that first episode Mal really did let off Simon & River on Whitefall? (Without the Reavers.) Inara leaves... Okay, what if Inara claims them under her protection and the three of them are let off at a slightly better planet. Then how does she make sure they can survive on their own? What does Simon trade? (Doctoring at a Guild?)


* Episode "Do Over" except with Jack having set the device in working order. Nathan devotes himself to bringing back Carter. (And Jack’s asked for Nathan to take care of Zoe...) I've really wanted this for a while.

The Dead Zone

* Bruce/Johnny. Anything, really. I just need my OTP to get more appreciation. *wibble*