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Three icons

I uploaded batgurl88's Hotch/Reid wardrobe icon to share with @GibsonThomas, since he wrote "@GUBLERNATION @starz_hollow aha! The golf bug has bitten! Is that a tie? Is it one of Hotch's....??!!!" this past weekend.

Anyway, posting the icon reminded me that I've actually played with Photoshop in the last month and came up with a couple icons to share. Nothing special, just things that I've experimented with a little:

2. 3.

Lady Gaga icons mostly just for the hell of it, plus they were interesting photos to work with. Oh, the Kanji is "courage" if I'm remembering correctly...

If you use any of the icons, I really appreciate the credit. enchanting_muse on DW & iJ; enmuse on LJ.