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Working on StB #6! (gasp!)

I swear that the three scenes I've had written for months have changed order dozens of times. Now I think it's actually back to it's original order! lol But the Hotch and Rossi scene definitely developed over time and then that made the scene with Garcia change... Anyway I've managed to double my word count this evening, I'm stunned and pleased. :D Of course, it's only ~3,800 but I suppose I've written a couple of the stories in here that are under 4k and this part isn't really finished yet...

I'm squinting every which way to figure out if Reid's still in line with how I've written him in the stories. I mean, it's been months since I worked on this and the last CM thing I really worked on was my NaNo story, which has much more of a canon background and included an established relationship, so character dynamics were a little different. Guess we'll see how I did when this comes out. :p

Oh, and this is another story that is more character than case - not that it's sparing anyone grief. See, off-screen before story we've got some form of the Carl Buford case that happened. =\ Poor Morgan. Poor Reid awkwardly trying to help and upset Morgan. No "poor Hotch" because he's being a silly boy and is quite confused, as per usual.

Keep leaving me first kiss ideas, I love the two that have already come up. And really, I think there might have to be more than a few first-time setups 'til they get their feet. ;)