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Meme: My favorite fics

I was browsing through my old journal when I came across this meme and thought I'd like to repost it with some changes. (Posted a year ago on April 29, actually!)

List your top ten fav fics that you have ever written, with a note saying why you like it.

1. {No Fricking Way} Firefly, pairing - Mal/Simon.
Why? While I'm not sure of the actual number of readers, this is one of my most commented upon fics - and not just mere "lolz," but some really interesting thoughts. Mostly because this is, as I note in the story, an mpreg fic written by a chick who can't stand mpregs. WTF, right? Well, this story was a novelty to write. It was one of those rare times where a muse (particularly in the form of an actual character - River) hopped in and my fingers typed in a sort of disconnected-from-my-conscious-thoughts way. It was totally weird. And awesome. A funny result that isn't a parody and somehow works no matter how much it was supposed to be symbolic and not literal. In sum: this fic was a unique experience writing and it touched on something outside of my comfort zone.

2. {Screwed} The West Wing, semi-pairing - Josh/Sam.
Why? Humor writing happens for me as something of a fluke. I can't really set out to write humor because it sounds stupid usually. But this... the first line of this ("Josh, there’s no one under the delusion that you didn't screw Sam Seaborne.") came to me out of nowhere when I hadn't been in the fandom for over a year. But there it was, the line in my head voiced by the beloved CJ. I'm proud of the snappy dialogue since I feel it did a reasonable job at canon. I loved writing this piece. (Though imagine my horror when I reached the end and reread only to find that Charlie was missing! So I've decided he was on a date with Zoe.)

3. {Shook the Bones} My in-progress series of oneshot-ish stories for Criminal Minds, pairing - Hotch/Reid.
Why? Well, the first part of this story came to me in the shower, lol. I had this idea spinning in my mind of "what if... Reid was falsely accused/convicted of murder and hadn't been able to join the BAU..." It spun on from there. This universe has taken me up, down, and all around. I've had to do a lot of on-the-spot revising before posting each part and this is the first series I've done major cutting of parts and rearranging. This is a constant process of figuring out how to handle character and relationship development, character voices, and writing coherently. I've been thrilled to pieces with what a wonderful response I've gotten for the series and the continued interest from so many people.

4. {Hypothetical} CSI, pairing - Gil/Greg.
Why? Apparently my humorous fics are turning up on this list. As much as I write angst, I appreciate a good laugh when I read fics. Guess if I have to read my own, I'd like to laugh, too. =p Anyway, I like the simplicity of this and how Greg wanders around my mind like this when I imagine him tipsy. I also like the camraderie I worked in with the group talking at the bar. I like the idea of them as a team (note I leave out Sara ;;U_U) even as I love my slash pairing.

5. {Of Skin and Bone} (on-going series of fic) Pirates of the Caribbean, pairing - main: (pre)Jack/Will.
Why? I like the sort of other-worldly tone I've used thus far. My favorite of the two written is the first tale focusing on Jack. The story started as a brief exploration of Jack's time in the Locker prior our seeing him in AWE, then expanded. Perhaps what I like best about these stories is the potential to look at slightly skewed events and sort of "fix things" in slashy vision. But I want to stay true to character. This is also a series that I've worked with a couple beta's and folks to give me feedback. I don't often spend the time to do in-depth consulting, but I had some great conversations with a couple folks on this one.

6. {Ocean Soul} Pirates of the Caribbean, pairing - Jack/Will.
Why? The story itself isn't a favorite of mine. However, I have a very fond spot for this because I can very clearly remember writing an early scene in high school. I because this alternate universe tale shortly after the first film came out. And then the writing stopped coming for me. And then the next film came. And the next. And finally I finished this roughly four years after I'd started. So I'm very proud that I completed the series, and I'm also proud to note how much I improved at writing. It's a bit disjointing to read, in particular due to the change of writing style, but it's something that I think has a solid base and will one day I will revise to be more cohesive.

7.{Bruise Easily} Eureka, pairing - Jack/Nathan.
Why? My first participation in Rounds of Kink! Also my first Eureka fic. I enjoyed getting to learn the characters and play with the dynamics. There's also some pretty hot sex0rs, if I do say so myself. I had great support when writing this. I only finished it because one of the many Sarahs I know was amazing and exchanged many a e-mail with me with some silly ideas that really worked.

8. {Inertia} The Dead Zone, pairings - (pre)Bruce/Johnny.
Why? I like the episode Independence Day in many ways, mostly because of its angsty potential. In a lot of ways, however, it annoys the hell out of me because it's a rehash of the episode "Shadows" (which is far superior) and Bruce is rathe whiney and bitchy for a good portion of it. Even so, I like the set-up for fic writing. Part of why I like this fic has to deal with the lovely Paige writing a sequel to this piece (see the Physical Therapy zine... 3rd, I believe). This was the first fic in which I attempted to look at the parallels between this ep and Shadows. There's fic not online (zine only - "Future Haunting") that deals a little better - and more darkly - with the questions I have, but this fic is still higher on my fav list.

9. {At His Side} The Dead Zone, pairings - Bruce/Johnny.
Why? One of my longer DZ fics, and I think it's my first attempt at a "fix-it" for where the first episode of season four veered off. I'm not at all happy about the disappearance of Johnny's cane or that his horrible headaches and the black-outs abruptly stopped. Nope. Not believable to me. So here I've attempted to work on these issues and lead towards a continuation I find more believable. I like the emphasis I put on the friendship rather than delving into a romantic or sexual sort of intimacy. I also am glad I could include Sarah in the fic and try to bring out my ideas about her slowly developing friendship with and understanding of Bruce. I think it's improtant to develop the relationship between these two characters, something that's not really done in the series. This is yet another fic I want to continue with a sequel. =)

10. {Waiting for the Fall} Star Trek XI, pairings - Spock/Uhura, Kirk/Spock.
Why? Actually I wanted to put down the blind!Kirk series, but that's a wip so I decided to skip it. What I like about this? Well, I don't often do an "outside view" of my OTPs so this is a departure for me. I liked filling this for the (new) STXI kink meme, "Uhura isn't ok with K/S." As discussed in the prompt thread, Uhura is totally kickass and deserves respect, but it's rather unbelievable for her to so often be accepting of her former boyfriend going off to be with Kirk. So, I decided to try taking a more realistic approach to the situation and really liked how it turned out. Perhaps even more than that, I loved writing Gaila and truly getting the view of someone outside the love triangle. I hadn't written Gaila before so it was also interesting to get a feel for her.

I hope you check some of them out. I love additional feedback and it's great to share some of my personal favorites. :) Most of these fics can also be found on my website, too. I haven't update for a while, though.