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More updates

The muses ambushed me as I was doing fairly minor revisions & editing of Shook the Bones 6 yesterday. As I was reading the notes from one of my betas, I started making changes to the Hotch and Reid scene. Instead of a couple added sentences and adjusted reactions, a full-blown overhaul occurred. Now the final scene I was working on (a Prentiss and Reid sort-of heart-to-heart) is entirely moot and a decent-sized chunk of the H&R scene is scrapped. In its place is something quite different than originally intended. Kissage possible? Ah, yes indeed. *blinks* Seems the boys are on our side that it's taking too damn long to get anywhere.

o.0 Anyway, I do still have my final reflections, plus a test tomorrow, so I really need to focus on those... (and am I? Nooo.) I'm still planning to post by the weekend, I've sent out the current draft to my betas. Hope to hear back maybe midweek? We'll see what happens! :D

Thanks everyone for staying interested and being fairly patient. :) You are all super awesome.