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Everybody, yeah~ rock your body~

*coughs sheepishly* Yes, I have a sudden addiction for 90s pop and other music popular while growing up. Don't judge me, you're here looking for my fic anyway, right? We all have our quirks. :p

I wanted to give my followers a head's-up. Tomorrow morning I've off on a road trip with my friend. We're driving to her hometown (Dallas, TX) to pick up her kitties that I'm adopting until she moves into an apartment that allows pets. Sooooo I'm going to be in the car for long periods of time & entertaining the driver, which means I'm not going to be writing on the road. When we settle down for the night I'll try.

Mostly this is so y'all know I might not respond as quickly as usual. Keep commenting - it means the world to me to get feedback! Thanks for all your support.