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Next Munny project...

Now that I went in to Tomodachi and submitted Poison Ivy (just wants the world to be a greener place!) to their Go Green contest, I bought a new Munny figure (and so did my friend). Once again I'm floundering - what should I make?! Who should I do?! I wondered if the accessory would inspire anything but I'm not really sure... I have a cap (form the first doll) and now have a trident. :3

Anyway, here's my list (it's a work in progress): Updated 7/1
- Eiko, Final Fantasy 9
- Jill Valentine, Resident Evil (as presented in 1 or Nemesis)
- Claire Redfield, Resident Evil
- Dr. Forester, Mystery Science Theatre 3000
- Claudia, Warehouse 13

I have a plain/original Munny figure. When I get my hands on a cat-earred one I'll try to do a Moogle from the FF series. :D

My friend suggested Warehouse 13 figures, but dude... I'm not ready to tackle real people. Although if there's some good illustrated art pieces out there I might reconsider... (For example, there's some excellent anime-like renderings of Olivia from Fringe on deviantArt.)

So I'm looking for suggestions (or votes on the above). Prefer characters from anime/manga/cartoon/videogames. Also would like simple hair styles (and possibly simple-ish clothes) since I use Sculpey to build up the base figure - and complicated hair things increase chances of heaviness (even with using foil for shaping underneath) and difficulty of painting. :p