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The A-Team (2010) - mini review

Well, I actually liked it more than I expected. That said, I got thrown off by familiar names like Lynch when the character was totally different. You want action-packed, this is your movie. You want classic A-Team, this is not. You want the witty insanity of Murdock? Not here, but Sharlto Copley did a good job with his character; I never expected anyone to be as awesome as Dwight Schultz. Speaking of whom... totally missed his cameo *cry* apparently he's a German doctor (according to the credits). :( I'm sad I missed him and Dirk Benedict, too! (He's credited as "Pensacola Prisoner Milt") I don't like Liam Neeson but here it didn't matter so much since Hannibal isn't a favorite character anywho. :p

Face... probably lacks the most. The best moment for the recognizable Face character would be while he's in prison. He's also pretty good during the planning stages. I really did not like the whole "serious relationship" vibe going on with him and Sosa, though. (I kind of liked her character individually, though.)

I guess at the heart of my ramblings I have this to say: * This is a fun romp through a story-driven action film with enjoyable characters. * These guys are not my team. (Impossible to replace Mr. T or Dwight Schultz.) * Favorite scene: "Flying" a frigging tank. * Most resembles A-Team episode: preparations for the two major plans.

Final say: Worth it to go see it, but pay a matinée price if you can. Afterwards, go home and get a fix of classic (meaning avoid season five) A-Team.


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Jul. 14th, 2010 01:04 pm (UTC)
I really enjoyed the movie, but then, I have only seen a few episodes of The A-Team recently, and I ♥ Liam Neeson. I thought it was a great update to the series, but I could also understand why someone might not love it if they love the original series.
Jul. 14th, 2010 02:22 pm (UTC)
They did do a good job of updating it. And I was intrigued with how they set up the crew meeting, though it really weirded me out at first. To be honest, I think I'm glad there were very clear differences because it indicates to me that they weren't just trying to replace everyone.

I totally recommend the series, though, for hilarity and ridiculousness. XD And Dwight Schultz is fricking amazing! (And I totally need a good A-Team icon...)
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