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YYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mom made the awesome choice of requesting we watch Disney's 50's TV series Zorro for our last evening of her visit. OMG I frigging love this, it's been probably about a decade since I watched it nightly on The Disney Channel. :3

This weekend has been crazy busy but super duper productive. I have a DESK! a DESK CHAIR a FRIGGING ENTERTAINMENT CENTER! Plus two wonderful picture shelves and another lovely shelves. A next lamp! Seriously, I LOVE IKEA! Things I just listed? Plus a lot more, including a bunch of frames, and the cost? Little over 400$ TOTAL. Seriously. My gorgeous entertainment center? $50. Read it and weep! Lordy did we put a lot of work into this weekend but so successful!

I finally have space to display my (seven) PlayArts Final Fantasy figures, I've got tons of shelves I can balance out my tons of books. I have a good place to do homework once school comes up again - I have a better place to type in general! (Which will be very good for my poor neck/back/etc.) I'm also finally stocked up on good groceries, yayz!

Okay then, I'm off to enjoy Zorro and play mindless online games. XD I'll finish catching up on Fringe last these week - only the last two eps of the season to go! Also finally have access to Bones because I have over half a season to catch up. 9_9