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Scifiland (Fanwork) Bingo Card!

For scifiland challenge 2. This challenge gave us a "bingo card" to fill out with certain themes in mind. While we could do multiple fandoms for this, I decided to focus on one to help narrow down my choices. So here's my Fringe contributions!

FAV CHARACTER: Peter Bishop a mini-mix

- "I'm Still Here" Johnny Rzeznik - (on youtube)
And I’ll never be what you want me to be...

They can’t tell me who to be,
‘Cause I’m not what they see.
And the world is still sleepin’,
While I keep on dreamin’ for me.
And their words are just whispers
And lies that I’ll never believe.

It's obvious Peter struggles to figure out his sense of self and that's certainly not helped when he finds out the truth about his origins. Walter and Walternate both have certain expectations of him (although Walter has greatly improved in terms of caring for the son that he has now rather than overly lingering on the son who died). Because of his removal from his original universe, things cracked up (sometimes literally) and he's left at the heart of The Pattern. For sure we know that he could destroy at least one of the universes - but perhaps he could also heal the rift?

- "Mad World" Gary Jules - (on youtube)
All around me are familiar faces
Worn out places, worn out faces...

And I find it kinda funny
I find it kinda sad
The dreams in which I'm dying
Are the best I've ever had
I find it hard to tell you
I find it hard to take

I couldn't settle for one song and "Mad World" was just such an obvious choice! Think about it - Peter's from both universes yet doesn't quite fit in either. There are people who care about him on both sides (ok, so I feel that only his mother is the only one who truly cares for him on alterverse side). And chorus-wise, well, times when he's died(/was dying) are pretty key in the scheme of things.

BFF-NESS: Charlie Francis & Olivia Dunham (picspam)

click for full size

As soon as I decided on basing my card on Fringe, I knew who the BFFs would be. I miss Charlie like crazy. As I'm rewatching the series from the beginning, I get to squee about him again and I'm reminded why I adore him. (Let me tell you, if he wasn't married, I'd be 'shipping him with Olivia.) He's sweet, capable, and pretty smart even when surrounded by crazy geniuses. He's there for Olivia every step of the way and trusts her enough to accept that she won't answer all her questions. I was so thrilled to see him Over There even if it's not clear how similar the alternates' friendship is. Also? Probably my favorite exchange between Olivia and Charlie is in "The Ghost Network" (first row of picspam) where Charlie manages to get Olivia to crack a smile when he says: "I wasn't going to tell you this, but John said he loved me too." He says it with such a straight face and it's just so clear that he wishes he could make things easier for her.

A SHIP: Astrid Farnsworth/Peter Bishop

It's No Fairytale
Aug 2, 2010
Not yet edited. Just written up real quick so that I could post my bingo card (that's been almost done for a few days). Not sure whether this will get a complete rewrite or if I'll settle for basic editing.

Astrid listens to Walter's story and for the most part stays silent while she works. A few times she interrupts in attempt to censor certain content, but Ella seems to know what she wants and has no problem correcting Walter when he strays.

While she moves about the lab, Astrid wonders if the scientist has any idea how much of himself he's revealing with his storytelling. The metaphors are unmistakeable and she wishes Peter could here this. Even Olivia would benefit from the story that, at its center, is about a desperately well-intentioned man struggling to make peace with his past and with those he loves.

As the story winds to a close Astrid stops what she's doing and watches Walter. His words are less steady as he makes his grim predicting for the story's close. She doesn't have any time to wonder how she'll manage to lift Walter's spirits before Ella steps in and rewrites the ending. She speaks with authority and the assurance of childhood, the expert of tales. Astrid's lips curve up in a smile even though there's a painful tug in her chest that Esther has barely had mention in the tale.

It's some minutes later, after Astrid has gone back to busywork, that Ella appears at her side and holds up a red strand of licorice.

Accepting the candy with a smile, Astrid says, "I like your ending better."

Ella nods solemnly and climbs onto a nearby stool. "Uncle Walter made a lot of mistakes. I still couldn't fix everything."

"Oh?" Astrid places her elbows on the countertop and leans in so she's almost eyelevel with the little girl.

"Yeah. Like my mom, she wasn't really looking for Peter, and Esther wasn't gone to look for a job." Astrid's eyesbrows raise is curiosity. "Esther was already searching for Peter when Olivia took the case, and Olivia didn't find her true love but she did see real love."

Astrid doesn't know how to respond and it takes her a few moments to realize the implication of Ella's statements. Her head's still whirling when Ella speaks again, voice softer.

"Do people really die when someone takes part of their heart and goes away?" Her eyes are wide and worried as she looks up at Astrid. "Is Uncle Walter gonna die? Are you sick?"

"Oh no, no, sweetie!" Astrid is quick to reassure. She embraces Ella, mostly to comfort the girl but also in order to escape that worried, knowing gaze. "Shh, don't worry. We're all going to be okay. Most people have very big hearts and we can share that with many people. Just because someone is gone doesn't mean our heart is lost." She kisses Ella's forehead and shifts a little so she can look down. "We exchange hearts, too, so even when someone goes away, some part of them is still with us."

Ella adjusts so that she can meet Astrid's gaze. "Like guardian angels?"

"Something like that," Astrid agrees.

For a long while they remain silent, Astrid's arm still wrapped around Ella. Across the lab Walter is shifting through his records, lips moving silently and a look of concentration on his face.

"Astrid, why is Peter gone?"

Why he left isn't hard to answer, the questions that plagues her are when is he going to come back and why hasn't he tried to contact her? Astrid has to remind herself that Ella is asking the question and she needs to come up with an answer that satisfies a child's curiosity but doesn't go into detail.

"He... needs to think about some things," she finally says. "Sometimes when there's a lot to think about, people like to get away from everyday life."

"So when's he coming back?" Ella persists.

Astrid feels her mouth open but she has no answer. In her darker thoughts she acknowledges the possibility that he might never come back. At the most hopeful... Well, the light of hope is dimming by the day as she watches her friends falter and struggles with the fact that Peter has not called her. He gave her no word before he left, and she's had no indication since that he's attempted contact.

Logically she knows that he wants to get away from anything and everyone connected to Walter and The Pattern, so she's included in that. But emotionally, and with a different sort of logic, she thinks that she deserves the courtesy of something. It shouldn't be too much to expect when they've slept together for the past two months.

Astrid recalls Walter's Film Noir-esque fairytale and sighs. Then again she doesn't know how much of the relationship was really about her, if it was going anywhere. Everyone (including herself) recognizes the dance between Peter and Olivia that started soon after they met. It isn't difficult to imagine their coming together; Astrid knows that most people are expecting it. Certainly Walter enjoys the idea.


She startles to awareness and finds Olivia standing nearby, frowning in concern. "Oh. Hi. Any news?" she asks even though the answer is clear. If they had any leads, Olivia would have rushed in and hurried to explain.

"No, unfortunately." Olivia glances at Walter who is standing at the steps to the platform, his expression desolate. "I'm sorry."

Ella hugs Astrid briefly before slipping off the stool and joining Olivia. "Don't worry, Aunt Liv. Astrid says that people exchange their hearts and that means he has to come back to make it complete, right?"

"That isn't--" quite what I said, she thinks.

Walter blinks in confusion. "Exchange hearts...?" A moment later his expression clears and his exclamation of surprise sounds only slightly baffled.

Olivia is watching Astrid when she returns her attention to the little girl and her aunt. Olivia doesn't look away, a gentle almost wistful expression in her eyes, as she replies to Ella, "That sounds right, sweetie. I'm sure Peter will be very happy to see you."


OMG it's only my second Fringe ficlet! Meep! My thoughts kept wandering so I don't have exactly what I've wanted, but I'm not surprised that my herd of plotbunnies got rather mixed up.


Hate is a strong word and I couldn't think of anyone that I actually hated in the series. However, I wasn't fond of Nina Sharp for a long while and I had a deep mistrust of her. However, in time I began to like her and the mistrust lessened to the acknowledgement that she's got a lot going on behind the scenes. Her character interests me in part because we know so little about her. She has strong connections to William Bell, Walter Bishop, and Phillip Broyles. I'm still wondering if she'll ever cash-in on the favor Peter owes her (from season one) and how well she knew him as a child; (and that begs the question why, doesn't it?) I'm also wondering how she'll handle the knowledge that Bell is truly gone, now - honestly I feel back for her and hope Broyles will be there to offer a supporting shoulder.

YOUR CHOICE: William Bell & Walter Bishop (wallpaper)

(click for full size)

I wasn't sure what I would do for this square and I wasn't sure that I would be making a wallpaper for any of these... yet the screencaps from this scene in "Over There Part 2" really got to me and I figured - why not? There's a lot of backstory between these two and so many unanswered questions. This scene broke my heart a little, but I think it's a rather beautiful exit for Leonard Nimoy from his acting career.


The chorus from this Fringemunk song for episode 1x19 is my favorite set of lyrics, LOL. And if you couldn't tell, I suck at macros. *facepalm*

SOCIAL NETWORKING: Peter Bishop's Facebook

(click here for full size)

Also created a wallpaper version since instructions didn't state we could do general graphics. =p But whatevs. (Oh, and the layout credit totally goes to storybookending - click for the layout post.)

COLOURS: Astrid (icon)

I need more Astrid in my life and I loved this promo pic.

SOMETHINGONE OLD: Leonard Nimoy William Bell XD ♥ (mini-mix)

- "Stop and Stare" One Republic - (on youtube)
This town is colder now, I think it's sick of us
It's time to make our move, I'm shaking off the rust
I've got my heart set on anywhere but here
I'm staring down myself, counting up the years
Steady hands, just take the wheel...
And every glance is killing me
Time to make one last appeal... for the life I lead

This song just seems to fit after watching the season two finale - "Over There." If you've watched, I'm pretty sure you'll know what I mean. I admit I kind of teared up, although I knew all along what Bell intended to do. I'm glad Bell offered Walter a hint to the answers he's seeking.

Huge thanks goes to Daydreaming for wonderful screencaps and quality promo pics.


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Aug. 3rd, 2010 04:58 am (UTC)
Oh, looks great! I love Peter's facebook! That's my FAVE.

Aug. 3rd, 2010 05:08 am (UTC)
XD Yay!

Yeah, that took longer than expected. I ended up screen-capping the layout post and then messing in photoshop. >_> Was kinda ridiculous. I could have been easier on myself and copied what I'd already done for ob_astrid but that's there for (potential?) fan rpg so... wanted to stick a little closer to canon Peter. ;)

Ok, bedtime for mmmeeeeee!
Aug. 3rd, 2010 09:34 am (UTC)
I love Peter's facebook. :)
Aug. 3rd, 2010 01:43 pm (UTC)
:D I'm glad I took the time to do it. Thanks!
Aug. 5th, 2010 02:44 am (UTC)
That wallpaper is really well done, and I quite liked Peter's FB too!
Aug. 5th, 2010 04:26 pm (UTC)
Thank you! I was very happy how the wallpaper turned out. :D
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