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Music Vids - IKR?

Guess what? I'M BACK ONLINE! Find (almost all) of my fanvideos from the past decade over on BAM Video Vault. This includes my long-missing Stargate SG-1 videos! (Yes, I'm totally excited about this.)

I have a couple Dead Zone videos not up at the moment due to issues of file size, I also haven't gotten my Yu Yu Hakusho vids up (however there is one up on my Youtube account) but believe me, they'll be uploaded soon - I worked my ass off on those babies, my first vids, and I wanna stick 'em out there.

Anyway! As of this moment there are 28 videos. I'll point out my favorites, though:
- Breaking the Habit (Stargate SG-1, Daniel) The events leading up to Daniel's decision to go with Oma.
- Inconceivable (Stargate SG-1, Jack/Daniel) One of my few(er) "happy" vids. This song always encourages me. :3
- Full of Grace (Stargate SG-1, Jack/Daniel) Probably my saddest video, mostly due to the song choice because this one always breaks my heart.
- Numb (The Dead Zone, Ep1x10: Here There Be Monsters) This ranks up there because the song choice and clips match so well and hot damn, this is probably my favorite episode from tDZ. Emotional turmoil, a town on a witch hunt...
- While my favorite Dead Zone vid isn't up yet (screwy large file size) on BAM (it is on Youtube), I'll link The Fear since I'm rather proud how I fit in as much as the series' mythos plot into it. I think I only had clips through season 4, fyi.

*Note: all Stargate videos use clips from season 7 or earlier