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Since I never got around to posting yesterday, here's a double post to catch me up with "days" 5 & 6.

I keep debating on this since "hate" is such a strong word... not to say I lack programming I hate, but that tends to be in the realm of so-called "reality" television but I don't really want to go there. I know I came up with something a couple days ago but for the life of me I can't think of-- Oh wait. I know something I can rant about, but I promise to keep it short.

Now I should probably disclaim that I have only seen the pilot, but I was so angry that it has kept me away from it ever since no matter what anyone else says. The L-Word royally pissed me off. I mean, I still get a little worked up when I think about it. Why? The main couple focused on in the pilot want a baby, yeah? Well when their friend's sperm count is too low to be viable they get all distressed and desperate. I want to know: Why? Why the fuck do they think throwing a party will be a way to get a candidate to donate sperm? Why, in the name of all that's holy, do they think they need to have a fucking threesome with a guy, a stranger to get pregnant? I wanted to slap the friend who was making me watch this show I was so angry. Look, I know this indeed touches me personally since I was born via artificial insemenation, but that option (one of a few, mind you) should be so goddamn obvious. And it's not like the chicks didn't have funds for going a fertility clinic route. Trust me, if my mom could do it on a poor teacher's salary, so could these women living in the suburbs with a large pool in their backyard.

And you know what? We're going to leave it there. I get too angry when it comes to this thing. *scowls*

Now for happy thoughts!

Okay, so we discussed the other day that The Dead Zone isn't exactly my favorite show, but it is the fandom I'm dedicated to. When it comes to favorite episode, I've immediately got my response, too:
The Episode: 1x10 "Here There Be Monsters"
Main Characters: Johnny, Bruce, and Dana
Why? This episode is amazing. The premise is that Johnny and Bruce are on their way back to Cleave's Mills and stop in a small town for lunch, at which time they find out about a murder-kidnapping. Bruce, helpful bloke that he is, tells the deputy that Johnny's a psychic and has worked with the police before in solving cases. There's a problem, though, the crime scene showed clear signs of occult ritual and given that it's a young girl who's missing, the town's on edge. Basically it turns into something of a witch hunt with Johnny (of course) the target - not that Bruce gets away clean, either. This episode is emotionally intense, the editing is excellent, and there's my required favorite of good Johnny-Bruce dynamic.

2x12 "Zion" This is probably tied as my favorite episode. This like... epitomizes the relationship between Bruce and Johnny. Yes it is excellent for slash fans, but even looking at it from a gen perspective, this episode is so key. This goes to show how important it is that these two met. Bruce is meant to guide Johnny, provide him stability, friendship, a moral compass. It's such an amazing episode and really does have my favorite dialogue bits. (I mean seriously, "You found your destiny. At his side." That's from spirit-y version of Bruce's father!)
2x05 "Precipitate" Coolest set of visions, handsdown. Johnny needed a blood transfusion and ends up with six different people (and it's quite a cast) running around his head. My favorite is totally the scene where he's like "I'm pregnant" and Bruce glances over and deadpan, replies "You look it." XD XD XD XD XD (see icon XD )

Honestly I'm not even going to try to pinpoint favorite episodes from any other shows, it's just too hard. Although... let me note that The West Wing's season 2 episode "The Midterms" is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. This is probably my favorite episode of tv ever. Bartlett just kicks ass here. He speaks his mind and damn it, someone needs to shoot down the blind bigotry. I also like the struggles of all the characters in this episode in trying to come to terms with the events of "In the Shadow of Two Gunmen." Their struggles are very real.

That's all folks! Don't forget that I'm now on BAM Video Vault with all sorts of fanvids! =D


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Aug. 2nd, 2010 06:21 pm (UTC)
Yeah the L-Word had so many faults I gave up on it early on as well - it became so 'soap-opera' ish within a very short period of time and everyone ended up having affairs. Really people? Sometimes, just sometimes, people have long term relationships that actually last a lifetime...shocking I know!

Although I did scout out the last episode just because I was so glad they killed off one of the characters whom I loathed with a passion. To be honest I was surprised the show had lasted as long as it had.
Aug. 2nd, 2010 06:32 pm (UTC)
The friend who wanted to watch it (aka made me watch it) is my mom's age and also she's stuck to the het side of things since she had her son, she's bi and has had various experiences in lesbian communities. According to her, she was enjoying [the pilot] because "That's what it's like!" (Probably referring to some of the personalities.)

But yeah, long-term relationships - helllllooo! I get so infuriated that we still lack truly good portrayals of the GLBT community in popular media. (Well, Bones has done a good job with a couple episode - "The He in the She" is one of my favorite episodes. Then there's Angela who's bi.) The L-Word, to me, was like softcore porn and it just pissed me off. >:p

Anyway, yeah, moving away from that. *uses femslash icon* ^_^
Aug. 2nd, 2010 08:07 pm (UTC)
I tuned in because of good reviews and needing a decent new drama to watch - was sorely disappointed after season one which, as you say, seemed soft porn. I can't remember when I gave up, but I remember it becoming less and less believable until one day I just rolled my eyes, turned the channel over and sighed in relief.

I do remember a few of my friends finding it surprising I was watching because 'isn't that the one with all the lesbians?' - well yes but why should that be a problem? I watch a lot of sci-fi but I've never wanted a relationship with an alien! I'll watch anything with good plot and storyline. Shame it didn't live up to expectation.
Aug. 2nd, 2010 08:28 pm (UTC)
I do remember a few of my friends finding it surprising I was watching because 'isn't that the one with all the lesbians?' - well yes but why should that be a problem? I watch a lot of sci-fi but I've never wanted a relationship with an alien!
LMAO That's an excellent reply.

Hmm, good plot/storylines... Let me see what might not be the biggest fandoms out there to check out:
- Homicide: Life on the Street TBH I haven't finished all of it, but I'd been watching on the Sleuth channel a couple years ago and then four the *entire* series (7 seasons, 1 finale movie, + 2 xover episodes with Law & Order) for $98 - who was I to turn it down? Here there is a bi main character and from the episodes I've seen that deal with that aspect, they're very good. Bayliss faces a fair bit of struggle with himself, with potential lovers, and with his coworkers. He's my favorite character, anywho. But yeah, this show is excellent.

- Mission: Impossible (tv) This series is amazing. I prefer the seasons when Martin Landau and his wife, who plays Cinnamin, are still around. However, after they exit, you do get Leonard Nimoy so... The plots tend to be on-the-edge-of-your-seat. Not a humorous show, no comic relief that I can really think of, but it's such an excellent series that's filled with suspense and interesting episodic plots.

- The Lost Room A Syfy mini-series - have you seen it? I adore it.

- Harper's Island Ok, so maybe the plot isn't really deep and it's far more a 13-hour horror film than anything, but damn I loved this. I've watched through it twice now and I still totally get tears building up over some characters' deaths.

- JAG I've seen maybe at most 20 episodes, and that's pushing it, but what I have seen, I've loved. I like the characters, the relationships, everything. Predates NCIS, which is kind of cool.

Errr what else? There's The 4400 (which I finally have complete on dvd but haven't watched the last season at all yet), Roswell (despite the high school soap opera, I adore it and there's plenty of interesting aspects), Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles (although dark and depressing!), The Mentalist (OMG so addicted right now!), Leverage, and The Closer.

LOL I know, ridiculously long list and I'm hoping you've seen at least some of those. Also, and excellent sitcom that doesn't take long to finish is Sports Night - came before The West Wing and is pure Aaron Sorkin genius.

Wow, this is all making me want to rewatch a ridiculous amount of shows. Guess I have to wrap-up my Fringe rewatch and figure out what comes next. :D
Aug. 2nd, 2010 08:53 pm (UTC)
The 4400 - I started watching that when it first came out - it was on Sky1 and I really enjoyed the first season. But then for some reason it fell off my radar and I didn't see the following season(s) (no idea how long it went on for).

The Mentalist - I am so in love with Simon Barker! I impatiently waiting for S2 to be released so I can see what happens and if we're any closer to who Red John is.

Leverage S2 has just started airing here and I hadn't even heard of it until I read a review in a TV mag about the second season last week. It sounds like BBC's Hustle which I've not followed either. But Leverage does sound interesting.

Terminator: Sarah Connor Chron - I didn't start following this, mainly because I didn't really enjoy the movies. TBH I only saw the movies (yes even the first one!) last year and I wasn't all impressed. However it's showing on TV catch up, the entire season and I'm stuck for something to watch so it's either that or the end of Chuck S2.

far too many TV shows these days needing to be watched - never enough time but yey for DVD's! I am considering a re-watch of something I have on DVD but I can't decide what! Though you've mentioned West Wing a few times and it's been YEARS since I watched West Wing properly.
Aug. 2nd, 2010 09:14 pm (UTC)
4400: Four seasons, and I know that I became less fond of it over time, but still... the premise is interesting and there's plenty of questions I want answered. :) I just need to sit and watch.


Leverage - OMG this is flippin' amazing. One of very few shows that has not yet disappointed.

Terminator films I've only seen the most recent, I'm not sure how much I'm gonna care about the others, but the show is excellent. I love the female leads, and damn. It's just good (and I give almost anything Summer Glau is in a try ;) )

Y'know the West Wing... now that I think about it I've only seen two complete seasons, and then most of about three other seasons. I never saw anything past season 5, though.
Aug. 2nd, 2010 09:25 pm (UTC)
The 440 went on for four seasons! I thought maybe two at the most (yea, see how much I sorta enjoyed it lol). I would like to see the other seasons just to see how it expanded.

The one reason I was going to give SCC was Summer Glau because I thought she was EPIC in Firefly. I think perhaps I'll be starting to watch this week!

I've seen up to season six of the West Wing. I bought them all over the years and it's probably the best investment of DVD's I've ever used my money on (well those and Boston Legal!). I've not seen S7 though, I bought the DVD's mainly for my dad but they've sort of been adopted by the whole family. My brother just watched all the seasons through then goes back to the beginning again! It's been a long ling while since I watched them in sync, but they need so much attention to follow some of the stories I'm not sure I'm ready for such an intellectual re-watch haha. American politics makes me head spin! then again all politics makes my head spin.
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