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Day 08 - A show everyone should watch

Mad capers! Great characters! Interesting dynamics, fun plots, and a bit of an Ocean's 11 feel at times. This show is great, great fun and I continue to love every minute of it.

Also, The Mentalist deserves mention since it's been on my brain lately and I find that it's tied with Leverage and The Closer for the best shows I know, currently airing. Intelligent drama with lots of wit and plenty of humor. The characters have a great dynamic and balance each other out. The stories are interesting, the episodic characters usually intriguing, and the mythos/long-running plot is captivatingly grim.

Day 09 - Best scene ever

The West Wing 2x03 "Midterms"
Putting a bigot in her place

BARTLET: I'm sorry, um... you're Dr. Jenna Jacobs, right?
BARTLET: It's good to have you here.
JENNA JACOBS: Thank you.
BARTLET: The awesome impact of the airwaves and how that translates into the furthering of our national discussions but obviously also how it can... how it can...
He sighs, and addresses Jenna Jacobs again.
BARTLET: Forgive me, Dr. Jacobs. Are you an M.D.?
BARTLET: In Psychology?
BARTLET: Theology?
BARTLET: Social work?
JENNA JACOBS: I have a Ph.D. in English Literature.
BARTLET: I'm asking, 'cause on your show, people call in for advice and you go by the name of Dr. Jacobs on your show. And I didn't know if maybe your listeners were confused by that, and assumed you had advanced training in Psychology, Theology, or health care.
JENNA JACOBS: I don't believe they are confused, no sir.
BARTLET: Good. I like your show. I like how you call homosexuality an abomination.
JENNA JACOBS: I don't say homosexuality is an abomination, Mr. President. The Bible does.
BARTLET: Yes, it does. Leviticus.
BARTLET: Chapter and verse. I wanted to ask you a couple of questions while I had you here. I'm interested in selling my youngest daughter into slavery as sanctioned in Exodus 21:7. (small chuckles from the guests) She's a Georgetown sophomore, speaks fluent Italian, and always clears the table when it was her turn. What would a good price for her be? While thinking about that, can I ask another? My Chief of Staff, LeoO McGarry, insists on working on the Sabbath, Exodus 35:2, clearly says he should be put to death. Am I morally obligated to kill him myself or is it okay to call the police? Here's one that's really important, 'cause we've got a lot of sports fans in this town. Touching the skin of a dead pig makes us unclean, Leviticus 11:7. If they promise to wear gloves, can the Washington Redskins still play football? Can Notre Dame? Can West Point? Does the whole town really have to be together to stone my brother, John, for planting different crops side by side? Can I burn my mother in a small family gathering for wearing garments made from two different threads?
Jenna Jacobs fidgets uncomfortably.
BARTLET: Think about those questions, would you? One last thing, while you may be mistaking this for your monthly meeting of the Ignorant Tightass Club, in this building, when the President stands, nobody sits.

Do I need to explain why this scene still gets to me? Each and every time. This is a scene I will never multitask during. If this is on, I stop what I'm doing and watch.

Glee 1x20 "Theatricality"
No hate
First a note: I don't watch Glee, actually, but I have seen the NPH and Lady Gaga episodes since I was with friends while they were catching up. When I saw this scene, I went a little slack-jawed and applauded aloud.

(subtitled in French, just how it went)

Seriously this scene floors me. Not only was a rather surprised that they rolled with saying "fag," but they went there. You hear the name-calling all the time, especially while still in school settings. Unless you had a very different experience than me, I bet you can count on one hand the number of times an authority figure cut someone off for name-calling "fag" or "faggot."

Don't put up with shit, man. Call out on the BS.


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Aug. 6th, 2010 02:08 am (UTC)
ITA--with all of it, actually. My husband watches Glee, and I've seen that episode of TWW, and I remember those scenes. They were both pretty incredible.

Leverage fills my heart with glee. GLEE.
Aug. 6th, 2010 02:15 am (UTC)
Nice to know I'm in good company! =D And your icon is wonderful! I was watching that episode with my mom while I visited and she laughed so hard at the RC helicopter. XD
(Deleted comment)
Aug. 6th, 2010 03:45 pm (UTC)
Wow. Thanks for sharing the story.
As part of the GSA at my undergrad school some of our fundraisers donated money to the Iowa Safe Schools Task Force (which I'm rather proud of). While still in the state I had a couple opportunities to speak with an area representative and had the sense they're actually doing things that help. I believe they yearly have a workshop-based "no bullying" week for kids
Aug. 6th, 2010 05:13 pm (UTC)
First, I agree that Leverage is a great show, and from what I've seen of The Mentalist it's great too, although it's on at an awkward time, so I have trouble watching it.

I remember watching that episode of the West Wing when it was on a few months ago with my entire family. Par for the course, my sisters were fighting, and, when Bartlett started asking Jacobs what her PhD was in they shut up (a nearly impossible task) and we watched the entire scene in complete silence until Bartlett walked out.

The scene gets me ever single time because one of the things that always pissed me off was people quoting the bible to say that homosexuality is bad when there are dozens of other things, hundreds even, that the bible also says is wrong and we do those all the time and no one says anything.

Also, I have NEVER heard a teacher stop a student from using the word fag in class, or even mention that it's wrong to anyone. I once complained because, in the school I was going to, you couldn't say 'pissed off' without getting a detention and I always thought that saying fag was wrong, and definitely worse than pissed off.

I got in trouble for mentioning that I thought it was wrong that one of the boys could call my friend (who was gay but no one knew) a fag. Instead of the teacher just saying that it was fine, she gave me a detention for talking back to her.

While I doubt this is typical, it does still happen. For instance, I have heard from friends in GSA's in several states (all in the Midwest)that they get in trouble if they tell a teacher that someone is saying something like 'Person X is a fag' or 'some thing Y is gay' and asks them to uphold the anti-defamation code in the Student Handbook of their school.
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