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Well first off, a show that I ended up enjoying but don't really "love" (nor am I interested in seeing any more episodes): Desperate Housewives In a way I still dislike this show, but it's more out of frustration that it roped me in and got me addicted, LOL. This is so not my type of show, but good god it will suck you in and make you keep watching because you're like "WTF? What now? Where's so-and-so? When's so-and-so going to find out?" etc. etc. Also, I had to see Nathan Fillion. And also Richard Burgi's character is a bastard in this show, when he shows up, I have to fangirl squee over the fact that I've met him in person :p

As for Charmed: It's a fun distraction and entertaining show. I'm not a big fan of Paige, but I enjoy some of the play with mythology, the age-old metaphoric struggle to belong, and what-have-you. I'm not obsessed about seeing every episode, but I do kind of miss being able to turn my tv on and catching the episodes. It was kind of my routine after classes during my junior year since the airings lined up between my done-with-class and before-dinner/work time.


Friends: Here you need to understand that when this was airing, the people that I knew who watched the show were people that I didn't generally like. I also had the negative connotation when one of the girls in my class who watched it got all indignant about an episode (or two?) getting postponed because of 9-11 news airing. Hmm. Not cool.

However, after I started college my mom started catching episodes so when I visited during breaks, she'd have some episodes saved on tivo. Once I started watching I couldn't believe how good it was (same thing for my mom, actually). This is a show I love to catch at any point and will almost always turn to a channel with it. It's hilarious, occasionally touching, and always makes me grin. Pheobe and Chandler are totally my favorites (Joey's right up there, too). I can't stand Monica, not fond of Ross, and Rachel is kind of a back and forth. But anyway, the show is so much fun! And the whole thing with Pheobe's "sexy voice" when she's got that cold? LOL It's an on-going joke with a friend and I that whenever we're sick, we just announce that we have a sexy voice. :p

Oh, and for random fun, I've made a handful of macros at the prompting of a challenge on one of my landcomms. Located here. Enjoy!