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Rollcall~! Or, er, wait--

I meant, beta call! Yup. I need a beta/pre-reader or however you want to view the task. I'd love some editing help if you can, if not, that's okay. I really need someone to take a look at Mentalist fic(s) before I do any posting. There are two!

Both are Cho/Jane

(1) "Harvest Moon," 1,805 words, warnings: angsty, set post season 2 so epic spoilers for finale. I'm pretty happy with this so probably it won't take too much work to read through, help find any mistakes or things that make you go "whaaa?" (Note: C/J is more of a background thing here, an element in the emotional turmoil Jane's facing.)

(2) [file name: "property damage and cuffs"] LMAO, IDEK about the file name. ANYWAY
- 3700+ words (still writing wrap-up)
- Warnings: Turns to smut :p Very light bondage (sex involves a tie, hahaha) and two fic tropes shamelessly used.
- Definitely need an eye on transitions in addition to the usual "is this believable? What just happened There? etc."

You can comment here or PM/email/however contact me! A-SAP is lovely. :3 I'll try to check off the fics here when I get a reader. I can send w/in e-mail text, Google Docs, or Word *.doc quite easily.



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Aug. 26th, 2010 01:12 am (UTC)
^_^ Posted Harvest already, but working on sequel. Sooo... nothing at the moment, but thank you! I think I put up all my contact info on my profile. I'm online a ridic amount of the time and I love to toss around fic ideas. :p

(P.S. You should check out caseland ;) )
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