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Best Buy run = lots of goodies

I swear that I went into Best Buy with intentions to get the audio cable I need to hook up my laptop to the TV & to get The Mentalist S1 (which BB is selling for $20! Cheapest anywhere!) That was it. But then I got distracted by the pretty price tags with good deals - like Ghostbusters for $5 (that's what I'd pay at Half Price Books and here I could get it new); Chip'n'Dale Rescue Rangers vol. 1 for $15 (this has been on my wishlist for years) and then there was a triple feature Ferngully/Ice Age/Robots for $13 - which I bought solely for Ferngully.

So yeah, Between yesterday's purchase of two season of JAG at Target and today's run, I have four more boxsets to add to my collection. lol *facepalm*

In other news, I'm back in Minnesota though I suddenly got offered the opportunity to hitch a ride with my friend to/from Iowa so I'll be doing a weekend visit to some folks.