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                Jack is disturbed that S.A.R.A.H. has provided him with ice cream and asked if he wants to watch a comedy. Apparently Zoe had informed the house (before she told him) that she wasn’t coming home tonight. He’s a little worried about that given how their non-conversation went this morning. But back to the situation at hand, he recognizes S.A.R.A.H.’s setup as his daughter’s favorite way of coping with bad events – particularly of the relationship nature. (One time he’d even come home to find Jo joining with Zoe in ice cream and romantic comedies. He never wants to see that again.)

                The problem is, he’s actually a little tempted by this offer. The ice cream is Hailey’s Comet, after all: a delicious mix of vanilla, mini peanut butter cups, brownie chunks, and caramel… He stares at the bowl thoughtfully, wondering if he really ought to be eating something so unhealthy.

                He’s just about to say to hell with the consequences when S.A.R.A.H. announces a visitor. Quickly he stashes the ice cream back in the freezer as the house swings the door open. He manages to suppress his shock when Nathan walks in, steps hesitant though his expression is a cool mask.

                Nothing comes to mind as Jack stares at the scientist blankly. For a few moments he can’t even think of any questions as to why the man’s dropped by. Hadn’t they already had enough screw-ups in the last twenty-four hours?

                “Uh, what are you doing here?” Jack could hit himself for asking such an idiotic question. Crap.

                Nathan lets it slide, gaze thankfully sliding away from Jack’s face. Unfortunately, the sheriff’s eyes catch sight of the triangle of pale skin revealed by Nathan’s unbuttoned shirt and he sees the edge of a purplish mark. His mouth dries and something low in his gut tightens.

                “It’s possible I owe you an apology… Jack.” The name forms awkwardly on the man’s tongue, but Jack feels a little thrill run through him anyways.

                “For what?” he asks, defensively folding his arms.

                Nathan shifts uncomfortably before shifting his gaze. His lips quirk in a skewed smile. “My attitude this morning was inappropriate.”

                “Oh?” It comes out sounding more disappointed than Jack meant. He winces.

                “I mean—” Nathan lets out a huff of frustration.

                Jack decides he really doesn’t care to hear Nathan stutter through some apology that at its core means nothing at all. He exits the kitchen and points at the door. “Out. Just go.”

                “Jack,” Nathan starts, irritation coloring his previously apologetic tone.

                “I don’t want to hear it,” Jack cuts in, not meeting the searching gaze. “Just go. We’ll be fine in a few—”

                Nathan much more successfully interrupts by seizing Jack’s arms and sealing their lips together. Jack is so startled that he mindlessly goes with the flow. His eyelids flutter shut as Nathan propels him backward.

                It’s when Jack’s shoulders hit the wall that he comes to his senses. Oh shit!

                Desperately Jack shoves Nathan an arm’s length away, regretfully eyeing the scientist’s tantalizing parted lips. Hands still splayed against Nathan’s chest, Jack hangs his head. “Damn it, not again! Or is this some aftereffect? For chrissake, how long’s this thing supposed to last?”

                He forces himself to look up and tries to hide the toll this takes to resist. “Just… go, please. Or I can call Allison or Fargo or someone to come get you.”

                Nathan looks baffled for all of a few seconds before stepping back with a groan. “Damn it, Carter,” he growls. He turns around and stalks to the couch. His leans his fist on the back as he heaves a frustrated sigh. He mutters something like, “She’s right, I really do suck at this,” though Jack isn’t sure.

                Jack slumps against the wall and rubs his face tiredly. His blood’s still pounding, arousal stubbornly demanding attention. And oh God, he wants Nathan against him again – stripping him, licking him, stroking—

                Yeah. That’s not helping.

                “Shit. I keep fucking this up and I don’t want to. You are the most idiotic—” Nathan turns around, glaring in annoyance at Jack. “Why the hell am I even thinking about you? Stubborn bastard, you just waltz in and magically get assigned sheriff, winning over half the town in less than a week. Two years you flirt with my ex-wife. Never take advantage of anyone even when you’d get away completely without blame. Your deputy, who refuses to listen to anyone, follows your orders and actually likes you. By now you’ve got most of the town under your thumb and you don’t even realize it. How are you this oblivious?”

                Jack feels very, very lost, but instinct insists that there’s something hopeful in all this. Nathan’s still ranting, which is kind of funny, but Jack steps forward with his hands raised to cut him off.

                “Whoa, hey. Hold on a sec.” When Nathan presses his lips shut and closes his eyes, Jack thinks that the man looks like he’s waiting for some fatal verdict. “What’s really going on?” Jack asks, suddenly sure that there isn’t any weird science-y craziness involved. Something strange is happening, certainly, but it’s not pheromone-induced.

                Nathan’s hands unclench and his shoulders slump. “Damn it, Jack,” he mutters, eyes opening and slowly meeting Jack’s gaze. “What do you want to hear?”

                Oh. Jack can tell he’s gaping, but he can’t seem to react any other way. The implications are… almost too much to hope for. He doesn’t know how to respond.          Then again, Nathan’s a genius and in this case those brains can work outside the scientific capacity.

                They’re stumbling across the floor again, lips smashed together while hands busily tug at clothing. Jack winces as his back jams into the kitchen counter but he ignores it since he’s able to push away Nathan’s jacket. Both pairs of hands get to work undoing buttons. (Jack’s sure there’s at least one that popped off in their haste.)

                This time it seems like Nathan’s determined to get Jack naked first. The scientist works on pants as Jack yanks off his shirt and trying to toe off his shoes. Nathan’s mouth ghosts over his stomach and hip and thigh as he crouches to strip Jack bare.

                Jack watches through lowered lashes as Nathan rids himself of footwear and opens his pants before standing up. Their mouths meet again, teeth scraping together during a frenzied kiss. Nathan’s hands grip tightly on Jack’s hips and the sheriff sinks his fingers beneath the final layers of cloth. Their mouths slip apart as pants and underwear clear Nathan’s knees. The scientist licks Jack’s jaw line, following it to his neck and then nibbling his way down to the collarbone where a few hickies had formed.

                The suction on already sensitive skin makes Jack wince, but the minor pain surprisingly increases his desire. He digs his fingers into the muscles of Nathan’s back and hooks his leg around his lover, pressing as close as he can.

                “Shhhiiit,” he hisses as Nathan reaches from behind to stroke his perineum. His hips buck; Nathan goes back to nibbling every bit of skin in reach. Jack’s sure he can’t hold on for much longer if Nathan keeps up, and he isn’t quite sure he wants this to end yet. Apparently the scientist feels the same way because he abruptly pulls away. Jack’s head falls back as he groans at the sudden rush of cool air on his damp skin.

                “Impatient,” Nathan accuses, amusement in his voice. Jack rolls his eyes. A confused frown crosses Nathan’s face as his eye catches something across the room.

                “What?” Jack turns his head and stares in surprise at the tube sitting next to the kitchen sink. “Um…”

                Nathan clears his throat before addressing the ceiling. “S.A.R.A.H., privacy mode.” He pins Jack with a threatening stare. “Stay put.”

                Jack watches the man cross the room, momentarily preoccupied by watching the muscles of his backside flex as he moves. Then time catches up with him and Jack chokes on a joint feeling of horror and laughter. Oh my God. My house just gave me the go-ahead to have sex. By the time Nathan grabs the provided lube, Jack is in hysterics, bent over as he laughs so hard he can feel tears gathering.

                He’s still laughing when Nathan hauls him upright and starts mouthing his ear. His laughter turns into a shuddering moan when Nathan’s slick fingers encircle his cock. Jack wraps his arms around his lover and shifts so that his legs bracket Nathan’s. He arches encouragingly and leans close to whisper please.

                Nathan’s breath escapes in a shuddered gasp. He moves his hands to cup Jack’s ass, one sliding lower to guide the thighs wider. Jack bites Nathan’s shoulder as two fingers slip inside. It aches a little, even though his muscles are fairly loose after last night. Nathan distracts him by running his tongue along Jack’s ear. The shiver of pleasure makes the discomfort of the probing fingers fade away. By the time Nathan slips in a third finger, he brushes against the prostate and Jack groans. Nathan chuckles when fuck passes the sheriff’s lips.

                “You don’t usually swear, even when you’re pissed.” Nathan follows his observation with a firm stroke across the prostate.

                Jack swears again. “You… I can’t control,” he hisses, rocking against the now still fingers. “Move, asshole.”

                Nathan starts laughing. He removes his fingers lowers his hands to cup Jack’s ass. “Help me out, here.”

                Bracing against the counter, Jack is able to help lift both legs around Nathan’s waist. The scientist grunts with the increase of weight but holds his ground. “Towel,” he mutters. Jack reaches to snag the dishtowel nearby and shoves it behind him to protect his back from the counter’s rough edge. “You’re going to have a hell of a bruise, Sheriff.”

                Jack continues to brace himself on one arm and closes his free hand around Nathan’s bicep. “Already walking funny,” he retorts.

                Nathan smirks as he shifts, lining up and carefully pushing forward. Jack’s body arches as they meet. The scientist restrains from moving too quickly, though he’s eager to close the distance and taste that exposed neck.

                When he’s fully in he takes a moment to lick away the sweat gathering along Jack’s collarbone. He doesn’t move until Jack’s grip on his arm tightens painfully. Nathan pulls back and slams home.

                “Fuck!” Jack’s surprise is worth it. Nathan hides his grin against Jack’s jaw. Occasionally their mouths meet, but mostly they stay cheek to cheek as they pant. Jack uses his legs to encourage Nathan’s pace, the speed steadily increasing.

                Jack’s mantra alternates between fuck and Nathan and please. The scientist’s hands tighten as sweat threatens to loosen his grip. Jack’s words trail off into a low – good God, is that a growl? Nathan’s right on the edge when Jack moves a hand to his cock. Nathan keeps his eyes open, watching as Jack strokes himself to orgasm. Nathan buries himself deep, climaxing as he stares at Jack’s face.

                I can’t control myself, Jack had tried to say. The thought makes him wonder how Nathan will take advantage of that – at a later date.