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Rec post: Trek, Eureka, SG-1

Compiling the past month and a half's rec posts into one easy link. Three fandoms, all recs are slash (or pre-slash).

Star Trek (TOS & XI) - Kirk/Spock
Space Twitter (Adults Only) Oh god... it's too funny and so, so wrong... Totally not work safe! Net-speak (at least on Kirk's side) and dirty talk. =p (reboot universe)

Breaking Points by Ragdoll... guh! Absolutely wonderful handle on the characters! I love this fic to bits, probably my favorite ST fic thus far. (Reboot universe, btw.) Spock Prime plays a major role in this fic, too, which is something I really like. Great in-character voices, good handling of canon elements, fabulous plot progression...

The Expected Kind of Surprise short and does a nice capture of life on the ship (post-film). Makes me grin. (reboot)

(The line: “Mind meld with a guy and don’t even make him breakfast in the morning, thanks a lot, Spock,” made me know I had to link this even before I finished reading.) Through a Glass Darkly beginnings (reboot)

Stars Apart, Shine the Same (Adults Only) Oh brilliant! Kirk is suffering hallucinations and fears he's going mad. It might have more to do with a certain mind-meld, however. (reboot)

Our Emotional History is in the Kitchen an amazingly well-told story from the view of Kirk's mother; it's an interesting way to see the relationship and also get some speculative background on Kirk. (reboot)

Verbal Jump-rope in which Kirk is the one that must convince Spock to stay with the Enterprise. Great dialogue. (reboot)

Untitled (Re to prompt: Kirk/Spock sex in the bridge when no one is there(on the helm console, one of the command chairs, whatever) and then sharing the joke when the rest of the officers are in the bridge, oblivious to what transpired. [ST-XI; PG-13;Complete])

Untitled prompt: Kirk being the one to chase after Spock in the turbolift scene instead of Uhura.
Bonus points if Kirk uses the same lines Uhura did: "Is there anything I can do for you?" etc [ST-XI; Complete])

An Important Conversation between Spock and Uhura because they need to be friends, but they also need to not be together like that... (reboot)

Sarek's outsider view of his son and Kirk. Beautifully written. Read on livejournal. (reboot)

One of the TOS stories I've quite enjoyed is Cavalcante's The Word Withheld. (adults only) Spock doesn't wish to divulge the full details of what "t'hy'la" means.

Just Be a Friend by Liz Ellington (Spock/OFC), (pre-K/S) I'd say teen rating for this. It is slash, although far more pre-slash than anything. Very beautifully written and a wonderful flow. My breath caught a few times as I waited for the outcome. I also think this is an interesting twist on the familiar use of "eavesdropping" causing potential havoc.  (TOS)

This fic made me laugh. Short and sweet, it's quite amusing. =) I don't think Kirk's actually this dense, but it certainly makes for a funny tale. General rating since nothing but slash to warn for. The Emotional Sensitivity of an Asteroid by kain_was_here (reboot)

Okay, first it's cute, and then it's hot. =3 Adults Only by the last bit. I love, love, love "first meet" stories and I haven't really come across many yet as I've come into the fandom... so this was wonderful. Read it over here, written by anonymous for the ST XI kink comm.

Another story from the kink comm on LJ. (Light) Teen rating for this one. Still untitled though since terra_lilly says she'll be posting on her lj eventually, I'm sure it will have a title. Once I'm aware of the edited post, I'll link to that instead. For now, here's Untitled in the comments (8 parts). Prompt was: Kirk was trying to be mature and polite about his affection for Spock, what with Kirk thinking Spock and Uhara are still together and all. He tried hard not to be obvious (everyone knows anyway), but when Spock got seriously injured during a mission, Kirk went nuts. (reboot)

I love the description of Spock's relationship with his mother when he's a young child. Beautifully detailed. But damn - all of this is amazing. Truly one of the most beautifully written fics I've read. I recommend this to one and all. Totally amazing and just the right length. So hurry up and go read Five People Spock Loved And One Person He Fell In Love With by tasheila. (reboot0

This very short drabble is lovely! Perfect tension and oh, I adore Spock! Immaculate (In Your Tender Voice) by xcorpusdelictix. (reboot)

This was a lovely piece. Little plot, being that it focuses on a sexual encounter, but there's heaps of unspoken story here. The emotion and tension is fabulous. <3 So go read Controlled Fall, folks. (reboot)

Joyboy by Syn Ferguson is absolutely incredible. An alternate verse. Jim turns 15 during the story and Spock is grouped in the minor age category. The development of their friendship is beautiful. The story truly is magical. It's about family, heritage, friendship, hate, and love. Control and emotion. It's just... hot damn! Read it. Teen rating. Nothing explicit. in this story. Small warning: in this Jim has previously exchanged sexual favors. (TOS)

One particular thread that yielded three (so far) stories that I really like a lot: 5 Things about love and life James Kirk Learned too soon, and one thing he learns just in time. Nothing particularly graphic. All result in K/S. Some great, great lines in all of them. (reboot)

A lovely story set at the very end/post the third movie, Search for Spock. Of course K/S. Previously established but... amnesia effect here. Nicely written with a great look from the amnesiac's pov, which I don't usually see. Dawn by Jenna Hilary Sinclair. (TOS)

Kagedtiger's trilogy and lovingly written with wonderful voices and a solid understanding of what she's writing. Nice mix of TOS information and episode-based material. (reboot)
Past Sorrows, Present Joy  
Future Bliss  
Out of Time (two parts, second is linked at bottom)

Ignominy by azardarkstar Sticks and stones might break his bones, but words have the power to destroy him. Written in response to the prompt that Kirk has learned Vulcan and knows exactly what's being said about him when Spock doesn't defend him. The characterization here is wonderful, the emotions heartfelt. Very lovely.  Teen rating, I s'pose. (reboot)

Whew, killer fic. Be prepared for a heavy dose of heartache, though. Beautifully written with a great flow and good use of the heartbeat rhythm to tie throughout the fic. (Teen) Written for a prompt on the st_xi_kink meme. Heart Only Breaks When It's Beating by Gelsy. (reboot)

LOL! I <3 this so much. Very short. The Narada Incident, as told by Hikaru Sulu's Twitter by Snowlight. Gen, with a little hint of Kirk/Spock and Bones/Sulu.
Eureka - Stark/Carter
Phases 1-5, or Experimentation, A.I. Style (Adults Only) S.A.R.A.H. is fabulous *g* The tension between Nathan Stark and Sheriff Carter could be considered Unresolved Sexual Tension in the right light and from her research there is a very fine line between either Love and Apathy or Love and Hate. The internet is unsure of itself in this regard, although a group calling itself 'Harry/Draco Shippers' seems to be quite certain that the fine line is between Love and Hate.

Normality at its Finest (All) by black_eyedgirl. The next few fics are hers and were what started me on this kick a couple days ago. See, I love her Firefly tale "None so Blind"... This ficlet is adorable. First kiss. And so frigging in-character

Should Something Strange Begin (Teen) He wasn’t a ‘people person’, or any of the words Allison used when she really meant ‘tolerant of other people’s stupidity’. Hee. I really like the grasp black_eyedgirl has on these characters.

Misconceptions (Teen) Oh Jack, you're so misunderstood. Yeah, whatever, you're adorable. Jack turned around, and nearly knocked Nathan Stark to the ground. Nathan seemed to have rejected the palette of coloured shirts in his wardrobe for an all-black look. It was a little evil-genuisy, but it worked for him.

The Perils of Joint Tenancy (Teen/Mature) by black_eyedgirl. The first fic I read and loved. Great grasp on the potentials of two minds in one, er, mind. Brilliant and fun. Personally, Nathan suspected that Carter increased the likelihood of equipment malfunction just by being in the room.

VRU-401 (Mature-ish) Oh-so-Stark. I just love this, such a great grasp on Nathan. =p “You dream about world domination?”
“Not all the time.”

Conceptual Misconceptions (Teen) Oh the "pheromones gone wild" tactic *sniggers* it works so well for this series. I like how the guys complicate things. Silly men.

The Bet (All) by serene_quill I'm working my way through all the stuff by this author. This piece is probably my favorite of hers thus far, though. We see the development of canon and Nathan/Jack through the betting book at Cafe Diem and it's wonderful. I love the insight into all of the characters here, creating a nice mix of familiars. =)

Latern for the Lost (Adults Only) by serene_quill. Prologue, 8 chapters, + epilogue. This I just finished up reading and quite enjoyed it. I'd kind of forgotten that I'd seen the episode "I Do Over" since I've missed a lot of episodes of second and third season. This goes AU from that ep. Anyway, the author's does a nice job of summarizes what lies within: "He’s displaced in time and it just figures that the only person he can even slightly reach doesn’t have anything resembling the knowledge to help him." Hot sex, good characterization overall, and interesting antics.

Hot damn, this is a great fic! I thought it was going to be pwp-y and hadn't read it right away, but it's so much more! (And actually, hardly graphic.) Wonderful and fairly quick read. (Nathan Stark/Jack Carter) (Mature) NSP-3710/B (or "Science Made Them Do It") NSP – 3710/B referred to cases involving what Allison tactfully called Induced Misconduct and what Jo called the old Science Made Us Do It excuse.

Read anything by serene_quill or classics_geek <3 (both are on DW as well)
Stargate SG-1 - Jack/Daniel
Perspective by Shoshone is a pre-slash fic for Jack/Daniel. Set near the end of season three and where the Jack-Daniel dynamic really started to change and... well, fail. I love the writing of this and Daniel's troubled thoughts. It's fascinating to see the stage through his eyes alone and have to dig into the descriptions he offers along with the team's dialogue to realize what's going on. Heart-achy but ends with lots of hope. =D Beautifully written and one of the short SG1 fics I have on file.

Oh! I love this fic. H/C, rather angsty, and so much time devoted to Hammond! =D It is a Jack/Daniel fic, but this is so heavily plot driven and I love the style and the author's use of other characters to get this story written. Not In Particular Will by babs & JayEm Hostages are taken in the SGC and Daniel's in the thick of things.


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