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Meme: NaNoWriMo 2010

Thank you DevArt NaNo group for pointing me to http://mythologiced.livejournal.com/248523.html for the NaNo meme.

Working Title: I think Fiction in the Space Between
Genre: Fanfic (slash) - The Mentalist
Projected Word Count: Likely not much more than the required 50K... at least for the draft

Have an outline? Nope.
Scene-by-scene? Definitely not. Too much planning = my brain thinking the story's already been written, so why pursue it? *facepalm*
Know how it starts? Sort of, in a general sense. :) I have my timing settled, at least (pre-series but after Jane's joined Lisbon's team)
Know how it ends? Er.... No.
Have your climax in order? Nope.
Know your main characters yet? Yes. Patrick Jane and Kimball Cho. ;)
Have a particular tone in mind? Possibly...
Plan to draw on your own experiences? It's sort of inevitable that something of the author will appear, but it's not like I have plans to literally draw from some life experience. I'm not sure how anything would relate :p

Funny? Sometimes. :) One of the scenes that's been sitting in my brain makes me giggle. Hoping it will make others laugh too. ;)
Serious? Yup, but I'm not thinking hardcore drama for this.
Sad? Likely at points.
Semi-Autobiographical? Nope, not at all.
Based on another story? In that it's a fanfic based on The Mentalist...

A paper journal? Yep!
Pens? Totally. Pencils smudge.
Multicoloured pens? YES! I LOVE COLORFUL INK! Permanent markers are my friends.
A computer? DUH.
Index cards? Yep! As I get into the story / month I'll likely use these more to actually do some plot mapping.
Bulleted lists? Yeah, in terms of listing what I want/don't want as well as possibilities for titles.
Plot Charts? Nope.
Character Charts? Nope.
Character formulas? Nope.
Favourite writing resource? Write Or Die counts, right? Also @NaNoWordSprints.

A line you would like to use: Found this on the NaNo forums and it seemed like an exchange that could happen in the Mentalist realm:
"That didn't sound good. Something wrong?"
"No, nothing wrong, that's just the problem. It worked."
"It wasn't supposed to work, it was supposed to break."
A scene you would like to include: Quoting directing from my notecard:
Cho isn't convinced Jance can guess/ID every person's book goals as they come into the shop - Jane sets out to prove him wrong
At one point the two are talking (or arguing) about it & an old woman nearby threatens to call security/cops because of their stalking
Jane identifies Cho as law enforcement - reluctantly Cho shows her his badge
Now she's interested if he's on a case - Cho exasperated with Jane and says he's ruined their location.
A concept you would like to explore: Well, I want to know more about Cho. His life outside of word, his family. *shrug*
A cliché you would like to avoid: Explaining "everything" with some underlying severe trauma in the past. (And okay, Jane does have the life-altering trauma of his family murdered, so I'm talking about other aspects.)
A character you would like to use: Rigsby needs some more love. But Lisbon is probably more likely to make regular appearances.

Do you expect to be able to complete it? Yes! I'm encouraged by the fact that I did so last year - and early! ;)
Do you intend to complete it? HELL YES!
Would you ever try to publish it? Not as in making money from it (I couldn't), but as for posting at my regular haunts for others to read, yes, that's my plan.
What do you expect to get out of this month of frantic writing? EPIC STORY FOR ONE OF MY FAVORITE OTPs! Also the bragging rights of finishing. And the great sense of accomplishment!


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Oct. 30th, 2010 08:40 pm (UTC)
ouuu yay yayyyy!!!
this reminds me that i realllyyyy need to get my plot sheet going, or else i am so frakked! and i need the excel sheet! stat!

har. stat.
Oct. 30th, 2010 08:41 pm (UTC)

COUNTDOWN TIME! I'm so excited. <36 hours... and I'm going to be taunted by having people in other timezones starting "early"
Oct. 31st, 2010 02:11 pm (UTC)
countdown time has me realllly frakkin nervous!
Oct. 31st, 2010 04:42 pm (UTC)

12 HOURS, 19 MINUTES!!!!
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