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Eureka recs

By Clarkoholic, these are two fics I've only just gotten to read. Fabulous! (Both Nathan/Jack)

First, Imminent Disaster Makes Me Horny (*facepalm at the title*) A short x-over with Iron Man wherein the relatives are Jack and Pepper! Amusing and kind of cute. =D Even though the author rates it adult, I say it's safe at Teen.

Second, If You Say So breaks my heart *sniffle* Quite short, an episode tag after 3x01 "Bad to the Drone." Jo is the one to tell Jack the news, and she's the only one who knows the true source of the pain he feels.

By Jessicalynn8383 on LJ - Unspoken is absolutely beautiful! Established Jack/Nathan, this is such a brilliantly written piece about how affected everyone is with Zoe leaving for the summer. The voices are wonderful, the tone heart-warming, and I just so love it! Read now.

Also by Jessica - Any Other Life is a wonderfully written short tale. It's domestic without being overly mushy. I could get a good grasp on the scenes described; and, as before, I really like the character voices.

And another by Jessica - Assimilation is a brief bit of mentioned x-over with Iron Man. Another great tale with Jack, Zoe, and Nathan interacting.