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Final Fantasy meme! :D

Ooo,found this through ff_press.

1. FF location that would be the perfect place to ring in the New Year
Cosmo Canyon (FF7), actually. Always seems like a beautiful place. ♥

2. Character(s) who you'd want to ring in the New Year with
Hey, the whole cast of Final Fantasy VII would be awesome. Include the Turks, please bring in Zack, okies? If we invite characters from other games: Zidane, Vivi, Irvine, and Selphie, I think.

3. Character(s) most likely to keep their New Year's resolutions!
Umm... Nanaki... Steiner... Tseng... Quistis... Squall, too.

4. Character(s) most likely to break theirs!
Zell, Zidane...

5. 2011 Square Enix release that you're most looking forward to