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Twitter & Play Arts & Webcomics, Oh my!

enmuse: Dude, Reno just jumped off the shelf. WTF? #ff7 #playarts
blood4lonewolf: @enmuse he was trying to catch Ruffus!
enmuse: @blood4lonewolf LOL! Hmm, a Rufus figure... that'd be cool. At least Reno landed on my bed. Haven't rearranged yet.
blood4lonewolf: @enmuse Well at least he had a safe landing then. right?

enmuse: I want more plushie/action figure #webcomics in my life. Recommendations anyone?
blood4lonewolf: @enmuse start with mokona!
enmuse: @blood4lonewolf I was referring to wanting to read af webcomics. :p Not talented enough to create one on my own.
blood4lonewolf: @enmuse you never know until you try.
enmuse: @blood4lonewolf I want a collaborator! & someone else to give me an excuse to play with action figures. XD
blood4lonewolf: @enmuse yeah that would be awesome