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Fannish meme

Snagged from an old post of classics_geek's =)  (Smooches, darlin'!)

1. If you write, fandoms you have written/are writing/plan to write and favorite ships.
Seriously? Okay, you asked for it.
A-Team: Murdock/Face
Battlestar Galactica (TOS): Apollo/Starbuck
CSI: Gil/Greg
CSI New York: Mac/Danny
Dead Zone: Bruce/Johnny
Eureka: Nathan/Jack
Final Fantasy VII: Zack/Cloud, Sephiroth/Cloud, Zack/Aerith
Firefly: Mal/Simon, Kaylee/River, Wash/Zoe
House: House/Wilson
Man from UNCLE: Napoleon/Illya
Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack/Will, AnaMaria/Tia Dalma, Norrington/Elizabeth, AnaMaria/Norrington
Ronin Warriors/YST: Seiji/Touma
Sailor Moon: Mamoru/Usagi (manga verse), Seiya/Usagi, Zoicite/Kunzite, Haruka/Michiru, Setsuna/Taiki
Sports Night: Dan/Casey, Dan/Jeremy
Star Trek (TOS/09): Spock/Kirk
Star Wars: Han/Luke, Han/Leia
Stargate SG-1: Jack/Daniel, Sam/Janet, Sam/Narim
The Sentinel: Jim/Blair
The West Wing: Josh/Sam, Toby/CJ
X-Men (movie verse): Wolverine/Rogue

have yet to write: NCIS: McGee/Abby; Burn Notice: Michael/Fi

2. Fandoms/Pairings you are ADDICTED to at the moment:
Nathan Stark/Jack Carter (Eureka) & Kirk/Spock (ST, duh!) Ridiculously addicted. Um, and Bruce/Johnny is a permanent obsession (Dead Zone). I also devour anything Gil/Greg (CSI).

3. Fandoms/Pairings you like, but aren't necessarily obsessed with:
(The Sentinel) Jim/Blair; (SG1) Jack/Daniel; (Star Wars) Han/Luke; (Firefly) Simon/Mal (borderline obsession...)

4. Fandoms/Pairings you're new to, but enjoying:
Star Trek (TOS & 09) - Kirk/Spock
Eureka - Nathan/Jack
And yes, ADDICTED and ENJOYING. Not involved in fandom yet, but I am starting to look into the Burn Notice realm. I quite enjoy the show. Also, the Iron Man movie is drawing me in...

5. You can chose one non-canon pairing you love to become canon (in a good way that the writers don't screw up). Who do you pick?
Hands down Bruce Lewis and Johnny Smith from The Dead Zone. Because it would (have) be(en) a smooth transition from friendship to dating to relationship. It's the most believable non-canon pairing I follow, imo, and it's one of the few I'd actually like to see in canon. Mostly I prefer shipping to remain in the fan realm with hints and innuendos within canon.

6. You're only allowed to read fic from one fandom (any pairing) for the next three weeks. What fandom do you choose?
Shit. Because of the volume and variety available... well, I'd choose Star Trek at the moment since it's a current obsession; otherwise SG-1 or Sentinel (again, amount of material and variety available). If I had enough fic, I'd choose Eureka. Maybe Firefly.

7. You're allowed to refer to your favorite ship only by a shipper name. What ship is your favorite and what would you name them?
*groan* I HATE "ship names" *facepalm* They're so awful! Well, my OTP is Bruce Lewis and Johnny Smith. What the hell kind of name comes from that? .... "juice" is the first thing that comes to mind and I had to smack myself for that. -_- Seriously, it's just "brucejohnny" in my head.

8. Two of your fandoms are going to collide in a spectacular crossover. Which fandoms would you pick?
*flails* Oh man, oh man, what do I want? Oh! X-files and SG-1! =D Or I've got this idea burned in my head for years for SG-1 and The West Wing. Resident Evil and CSI? =3 More Manhunter (i.e. first film incarnation of Red Dragon) and CSI!

9. You have to choose between reading bad porn about your fandom obsession of the moment, or no fic at all. What do you pick?
... *facepalm* bad porn. Because on occasion there's some random, itty-bitty bit that can be redeeming. Maybe. And when I'm obsessed and there's not much to choose from, well, I'll try reading it. (Have to do this too often for Dead Zone and my CSI otp)

10. You're asked to pick a theme song for one character/ship. What song do you pick, and for whom?
So Paramore's "I Caught Myself" has been stuck in my mind lately as relating to Nathan/Jack. XD

11. It's 2 in the morning and you should be doing math homework. What kind of fic do you read instead?
Slash, d'oi! And I don't have math homework anymore. But yeah, slash fic of my otp of the moment. =p

12. The ship that makes you go "Awww" is...
McGee/Abby, totally.

13. The ship that makes you want to yell, "Just have sex already, you morons!" is...
Oh damn... Well, Jim/Blair is the most blindingly obvious thing EVER. With Johnny/Bruce, I don't care about the sex, I just want them to admit they're in a relationship, damn it!

14. The ship you're probably going to hell for shipping is...
*cough*snarry*cough* *runs and hides* (Ummm... but I'm damn particular about what I'm okay reading. No chan/underage! Ever!)

15. The character you alternatively love to death and want to beat some sense into is...
Johnny Smith (DZ), Daniel Jackson (SG1), Simon Tam (Firefly), Mal Reynolds (Firefly), Gil Grissom (CSI)

16. The character you're almost embarrassed to admit you like is...
...? Honestly can't think of one. I mean, I guess an semi-unpopular character I like is Sarah Bracknell (Bannerman) from The Dead Zone, but that's because I try to forgive the awful position her character was written during writers' insanity at various times in the series.

17. Your very first fandom/ship was...
Once I hit the net - Sailor Moon, Mamoru/Usagi (well... the American incarnation, at first.) First slash was Gundam Wing, Heero/Duo.

18. The fandom you could read any kind of fic in is...
Now that's stretching it with "any". However, I have read more than my otp and prefered characters in the Dead Zone fandom since it's a fandom I've "taken under my wing" so to speak. Um, not sure how the describe it, just that I'm very dedicated to keeping with it.

19. The fandom you would totally write an anonymous Mary Sue fic in is...
Well, already did the non-anonymous thing for early fandoms *facepalm* Sailor Moon and Ronin Warriors. These days however... *considers* Random character in Eureka or CSI?

20. The show you would bring back from cancellation...
Firefly. Period. End of story.
Or if they'd erase s6 from existence and memory, I'd give tDZ another shot at wrapping up their story. *narrows eyes* Frigging finale season is utter betrayal.