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Eureka recs - classics_geek

Guh... I love this chica. Go read all her stuff! Go on! Shoo! Classics_geek has her Eureka stories tagged.

VRU-401 I rec'd before and was the first I'd read of hers. Finally got to "A Second Opinion" and - omg - love. The characters' voices ring true, there's the complications that make my heart ache... I so love everyone and it's great to see so many characters included.

This gal rocks in general and has the dastardly power to tempt me into other ships. (Well, we agree completely in the Eureka verse, it's Star Trek where we're running into a little bit of trouble. =p)


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Jun. 28th, 2009 05:47 pm (UTC)
:D Love you too, girl. And I can tempt you into other ships because I'm just that awesome. Although, if you must know, that blind!Kirk fic of yours has had the odd result of, while I am still a rabid nu!Kirk/nu!Bones fan, making me ship prime!Kirk/prime!Spock. This is very confusing to me. :D

And VRU-401 is so very much one of my favourite Eureka fics. Because there is Emperor Nathan! Not gonna lie: Emperor Nathan totally sparked off (in part) the mad, crazy, dark!AU (which you still haven't read, I think :D).

*hugs* I love you for reccing me. It makes me feel all squeeful inside. ♥♥
Jun. 28th, 2009 09:13 pm (UTC)
I do need to read that AU yet. =) I think there's two others of yours I have yet to get to as well...

VRU-401 rings sooo true to Nathan's voice. It was one of the earliest stories in Eureka realm that I read, and I just love it!

I'm really happy to be keeping up with recs now that I've set up fandom journal accounts. It collects everything nicely and gets updated way more often than my website. It's also fun for me to leave notes for authors to say "I like this so much that I'm rec'ing it!" I get so excited on the rare occasion that I come across a fic of mine while going through fic lists. =3 I'm happy to do the same for others.
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