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Help Japan

First off, 1 Help Japan v-gift (or equivalent donation to your choice of vetted organization), this person is offering a prize drawing for $50 Amazon gift card. Details in that comment.

Next, on a personal note: This on-going disaster in Japan drives home for me how hard certain events will hit us when we have personal investments, whatever that entails. I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing considering how damn depressed, drained, and stressed out we would be if we got deeply involved in every difficult thing going on in the world. This isn't to say that the natural disasters (and human-sourced tragedies) of the past several months actually rank on some objective scale as worse or better, but we're all going to have certain things that hit us harder. For me, my focal causes right now are the events in Wisconsin and the disasters in Japan.

I have well over 100 friends in Japan due to my four years at Coe College. These were students and friends. I've kept in better contact with some people better than others, but everyone was precious to me. I've been blessed that everyone I've been able to contact has been okay, as well as their families. Most of the people I met lived/live in the Tokyo or Nagoya areas and thus haven't been at the center of the worst damage. I'm continually stressed over the news of aftershocks, continuing death count, and of course the nuclear scares. I remembered yesterday to check on Mixi (a sort of Facebook site for Japanese) and I'm anxiously awaiting news from one of my best friends from freshman year.

I don't know, the news is just hitting me hard today, maybe because my cold's finally clearing up and I can grasp more clearly what's going on.

For my f-list: I do have a few things up for auction on help_japan, but I've decided to do a special offer for my f-list. For donations, please go through one of these listed via CNN. My preferred agency is the Red Cross since they're already in action and I know funds go directly to supporting aid efforts. You can donate an LJ v-gift, but I'm unsure how these funds are used, so it's not my number one choice.

For Americans & Canadians: I have an entire paper bag filled with paper cranes of various sizes made from 3 inch, 3.5, 4, 4.5, and 5 inch squares. I'd be happy to make threaded "chains" of these & mail them to you. (Hopefully I can sent them without the thread tangling.) They look best with 3-5 together with a couple inches of thread between the cranes. I can use the same size cranes or a couple sizes. I have origami paper - plain and patterned. I've "made" my own paper squares from magazines as well. For these crane chains, I'd like a donation of at least $3 to be made.

Worldwide: I am offering drabbles (minimum 100 words) and my attempts at drawing. Quality art is not guaranteed, but I am happy to make an effort. You can see some past work under art tags here and on my deviantArt account.

For drabbles: I can't promise I'll write fantastic ficlets, but I will make a genuine effort, and ASAP, of around 100-500 words. Donate what you can, though a minimum of $3 is preferred. FANDOMS I'm accepting (and I'll try almost any pairing or character, try me *shrugs*): The Dead Zone, Eureka, Firefly, Leverage, The Mentalist.

For art: I am currently at home with a scanner so hey, nice! I will do my best with sketching/drawing. I've got an anime-ish style, I suppose. Often I draw in chibi style. I'm not a fabulous artist, so don't expect something amazing or that I spend hours on perfecting. Coloring wise I believe I have access to colored pencils, for sure crayons, and possibly marker (though not many). Pencil or ink for line drawings. Not going to bother with shading, though.
FANDOMS: Anything I've listed in my interests or if you give me a reference. I've done several kids characters (Blues Clues, Sesame Street, Disney cartoons) in the past for birthday cards.
ADDITIONAL NOTES: I may try a little comic strip (or one-panel comic) if I know the characters pretty well. And if you provide a scenario/dialogue.
Donate what you can. Keeping in mind these won't be profound works of art, I'm not expecting more than $3-10.

All of these special offers are intended for me to finish by the end of spring break (I head back to my apartment on the 21st, in one week). Offers may be extended, but I don't know yet. Thanks for your consideration.


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Mar. 14th, 2011 06:35 pm (UTC)
*hugs* Yeah, I know that there are some disasters that have hit me harder than others. I hope the rest of your friends can check in and are okay.
Mar. 16th, 2011 07:34 pm (UTC)
I'm very... well, I guess the closest emotion is depressed right now. And this is mainly because of all the fucked up shit going on here (IL, WI, and Captiol Hill), plus the aftermath of the earthquake in Japan.

I'm desperate to feel some emotion other than frustration, sorrow, horror, anger, and disbelief.

So happy that you're friends are OK. Every bit of good news helps me smile.
Mar. 16th, 2011 08:19 pm (UTC)
It's a rough time right now. I'm doing a lot better since I'm home with company (and pets!) - far better than I'd be back at my apartment alone. It also helped, I think, that I was so sick until the end of the weekend because I was just kind of dopey with sickness and thus not really able to concentrate too hard.

My recommendation? Try to find something enjoyable for a few hours. Focus on a silly game or good fic or a movie. We're watching a variety of shows around here and cuddling with dogs.

*hugs* Take care.
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