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{FST} Roses Are Red | Ficmix | 8tracks!

Trying my first mix out on 8tracks - rather fun! Anyway, to save myself from obsessing over the proper arrangement of a full-out FST, I uploaded the songs for my Roses Are Red ficmix to the site!

Find it here~ and listen online

This is, as the name suggests, the playlist I've selected for my Mentalist fic "Roses are Red." The majority of the song focus on the Cho/Jane relationship, but there's some other tracks more for the story (and its tone) included. "Pet" is a creepy song that I've associated with the Red John stuff. And "Infra-Red" is totally the Red John "theme."

Enjoy! And let me know whatcha think. B)

P.S. The coverart for the mix is a banner made for me by ruuger