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Writing, writing - need to write!

Need to write, but I've been reading like a maniac this past week!

Reading: I've read very little fanfic lately. I mean, I reread a long SG1 fic last weekend, but otherwise it's been short things that people have filled for my prompts on comment_fic. So what have I been reading? MYSTERY NOVELS! In particular, Joan Hess's Claire Malloy series. In less than seven days I read the following four: Closely Akin to Murder, A Holly Jolly Murder, A Conventional Corpse, and yesterday I plowed through Out On A Limb. Note that these are books 11-14 and why I read through them so fast this time was that I needed to see the resolution of Claire's relationship with the man she's dating (and the status of their relationship is often vague...) Anyway, I'd say that's a good recommendation for the series in and of itself. That far into the series and the stories still pull you in? The characters are that gripping? I loved seeing Claire's best friend, Luanne, playing a large roll in the latter three. Caron Malloy, now sixteen-and-a-half, has some interesting events of her own, and she's clearly developing - I like seeing that since it's occasionally altering the dynamics between mother and daughter. Out on a Limb was absolutely delightful with the return of Miss Parchester, who's a bit of a nut yet a sweetheart, and it was lots of fun to have Luanne, Caron, and Inez actually teaming up to keep secrets and investigate. Lots of wonderful dialogue and memorable scenes.


Writing: Actually I have a class paper to write for next Wednesday which is kind of vital - but I have to finish reading Dan Savage's The Commitment before I do that. So that's what I'm reading this weekend during travels to North Carolina - then I write the paper Tuesday. :p

Fic wise I have two "for-sure-need-to-do" Mentalist fics:
- Finish "Roses Are Red"
- help_japan Cho/Jane fic (Cho reluctant, Jane convinces him *g*) for riraledernier

I also totally wanna do rounds_of_kink's April Fools mini-round. One of the kinks is "breath" - really? Come on, that's just too hawt to pass up. (And flirting! Hee, I love flirting *g*) I recommend y'all head over there and contribute! I'm trying to think of something for the Mentalist. Posting goes through mid-month.

After all of that, and we're just glossing over the end-of-term requirements of me for school, it's been suggested I take a swing at Inception fic. And by Inception fic, I mean in the Cobb/Saito realm of slash fandom. :3 I'm kinda excited about it all. (And if you haven't read x_art's Waking World series, you are so missing out. If you don't think you care for the C/S pairing, just read the first story, which is gen with the vaguest of innuendo.)

And that, my dears, is all for now. As I'm typing this, I'm checking off my list of last-minute things to do/pack and then crawling into bed. It's an early-ish morning for me on the morrow - gotta get food in me, dress, and haul my stuff down to the bus stop. (Catch bus, switch to lite rail, make it to the large airport terminal *wince* and get on through to my gate. Majority of my day is spent traveling, ugh. Can I just warp to my destination, please?)