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Eureka recs

So you gotta check out Private Lessons for a whole bundle of reasons. Not only is it a story co-authored by one of my fav writers (serene_quill), but there's also art by Nasyu! Adults Only rating for some smex. Great story flow and voices, scene alternating between Jack and Nathan (third person) viewpoints. I grinned by the end and enjoyed the entire ride. I love the premise, too, with Nathan determined to learn how to properly handle a gun. Believable setup. =)

Then we have In the Corner of My Mind by the loverly classics_geek. (Highly recommend reading Stranger Things first so you've got a handle on what/who G.U.S. is and better grasp his connection and relationship with S.A.R.A.H. And it's also a hilarious story.) Anyway, Corners is six parts and has a bit of everything. Most parts end with a cliffhanger, which will make you glad this is completed. My heart lurched a few times while reading, really got me worried. Also, I commented to Classics that she seems to have written an AI romance novel-tale. Makes me snicker <3

And with that, I bid a good night! Tomorrow is the second rummage sale for the household. Getting rid of everything we can. The rest will be put out for free. (Can you tell we need to get crap out of our house?) And hopefully I'll have my space cleared so I can do crafts and scrapbooking again. =D


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Jun. 28th, 2009 05:28 am (UTC)
ooh goody!! More to read! I wish I had more time to sit and read all the fics I've missed. Thank you for placing your suggestions. It's so much easier for me to read something if I have a recommendation or at least a little bit of info on it. I'm such a picky reader.
Jun. 28th, 2009 03:17 pm (UTC)
Keep checking out my recs tag, then. =) I've got a bunch of Eureka and Trek (tos & reboot) recs here since that's what I've been reading recently. On my site I have a few other fandoms with compiled recs, too. =)

I also love rec lists. Sooo helpful.

Okie - back to rummage sale maintenance. ugh.
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