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P.S. to the SPN post

Multi-shipping: Like I already mentioned, while I have to admit to leaning more towards one pairing ATM, I have read several pairings so far and am already fond of a bunch. (Like, hello, I already heart Gabe so it's been fun finding fic. :p ) And this totally includes Cas/Dean in multishipping - but I think part of my hold off from diving into all-things-C/D is because I'd like that canon background to compare. XD I don't know how my brain works. it's totally weird.

Oh, and my "justification" for starting to read Sam/Castiel? I don't even remember how I stumbled across the first story - whatever it was. But OMG. The pairing nickname - c'mon, how could I not look? I mean, Sassy? Seriously? LMAO.

(Side note: I hate slapping names together to create pairing names. There are seriously all of three that stick in my head: Pinto, and this sticks in my brain due to my great amusement over the word; Sassy, as I explained, this cracks me up; and Destiel, which is just something that I've heard/read often recently.)

Fanfiction: I'm not usually a cracky fic person. Humor, but of course! But even humor-for-the-sake-of-it used to be more of the drabble-realm for me. Now I've read probably a fairly even split between serious/semi-serious fic and crack!fic. I frigging read a genderbend fic! WTF? And a damn kitty!Gabe fic! And... GAH!


Ahem. That's all for now. Good night.