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Star Trek 2009 rec

Five Times He Said No is going to twist your gut a bit, I'll tell you now. As much as the prompt was "5 times Kirk said no and they didn’t listen – one time he said yes and they did" the author does a good job with including "no" scenes that aren't focused on non-con. Honestly, the two scenes that get me the most are the ones that have nothing to do with sex. Still, this is adults-only and a warning for difficult material - non-con and child abuse. Also, not my usual K/S, per se, it's more pre-Kirk/Uhura/Spock. Very good and highly recommended. Take a little time to read.

Oh, and latest Trek read: Visual Confirmation by ladybugkay. (adults-only lite?) So initially there was planned a Kirk Prime recorded message that Spock Prime presented to Spock in order to convince him to stay on with Starfleet. This story runs with that prompt and I quite liked the voices of both Spocks. 'Course, being slash, we eventually get graphic with Kirk Prime's recorded personal message. ^_~ But it has substance and the graphic isn't very detailed.